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With Nicolson Construction, every build is an opportunity to show our expertise and passion: creating beautiful buildings that last. As such, every project we take on is treated with utmost care and skill, whether it's a smaller renovation or a large-scale site. Quality is a key part of our services as a Utah construction company, and we're dedicated to providing the best quality construction management to Salt Lake City businesses. Whether educational facilities, commercial work, medical buildings, or even a recreational design build, our goal is to ensure top-quality results. That's why we work with customers from start to finish to promote project excellence.


As a business built on hard work and ethical standards, our integrity is a crucial element of who we are as one of the best construction companies in our area. Salt Lake City isn't an easy place to stand out, but with several established community partners, a twenty-year history of excellence in the commercial construction industry, and a team that really cares about each customer we serve, Nicolson Construction shines as one of the best Salt Lake City construction companies available for commercial projects. Nicolson Construction's team has lots of experience working with both commercial and residential projects in all different industries and locations across Utah. When you work with us, our experts will guide your project to success through collaboration, industry knowledge, and a dedication to excellence.


Above all, we prioritize the safety of human life in our construction management and project work. We commit to safety and undergo rigorous precautions so that our buildings meet all necessary codes and follow the best practices for construction company Utah codes. We're building a legacy, and that means we build to last. As a data-driven business with services that affect our customers' team and job safety, it is our priority that your building is up to code and follows industry guidelines. While prioritizing safety, we also encourage innovation, so rest assured you can have the construction design-build of your dreams while still keeping your team in a safe environment.

industries we serve

With our roots in residential construction and our current qualifications in commercial work, we serve a wide range of industries, from religious to recreational. Our focus is to create the dream project you've been looking for with safe, quality, long-lasting builds. These are a few of the industries we've worked in so far.


Commercial construction companies work on a wide range of projects, so even this label is a diverse entry into the many facets of our expertise. But commercial building projects all have one thing in common: it's crucial that they are efficient and functional resources for the employees that work within their walls.


Schools and educational construction projects require both functionality and innovation when it comes to the structure. For universities, a prestigious building on campus could make the difference between students deciding to attend or to choose another option. Universities love having buildings whose structure and grandeur show how passionate they are about education. Similarly, a high school building's structure could make the difference between classes feeling oppressive or exciting for a student. Educational buildings are one of Nicolson Construction's areas of expertise.


When considering the best companies for a medical facility construction project, finding a company that values engineering and safety is top-priority for most customers. Since medical facilities have to continue throughout constant use, power outages, storms, and more, it's imperative that they are built to last. As one of the best Utah construction companies in the Salt Lake City area, Nicolson Construction has experience building medical facilities that are up to the challenge.


Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality construction projects prioritize a feeling of welcome and ease for their customers. We create that welcoming, comfortable feeling while maintaining our stringent safety guidelines and commitment to good, honest work. We're experienced in hospitality work and can help your hospitality construction project succeed.


From stadiums to gymnasiums, recreation construction is centered around making entertainment the most enjoyable experience for the visitor as well as the most beneficial setup for the owner. Our experience in recreation projects pushes our innovation, refines our skills, and encourages us to make practical buildings beautiful.


Churches and religious facilities have been important innovative projects in construction since before sliced bread. We're honored to have experience in religious construction, and as one of the Salt Lake City construction companies with religious construction experience, we know that this responsibility is one that should be approached with the same integrity and commitment to quality and safety that all our projects entail.


Our roots in residential work mean a lot to us, and although our projects now span a diverse range of residential and commercial property construction, we still gladly present ourselves as one of the Utah construction companies that can do it all. If you're looking for a company to build your perfect home, contact us today for more information.


Restaurant construction necessitates extra care when it comes to safety codes and regulations, since the food industry has strict qualifications it has to follow. Our experience in restaurant construction projects ensures that we will be able to provide you and your restaurant business with the best project management and services that your industry requires. We interpret the necessary data about your project's details to create the best plan of action for your construction site. And we're so excited to help your restaurants become part of the many wonderful communities in Utah!


Industrial warehouse construction requires recognition of the many needs and diverse uses of a warehouse space. From climate control to accessibility for large vehicles, constructing a warehouse takes knowledge of the industry and awareness of the customer's specific needs. Our expertise in warehouse construction allows us to build sites that will last and provide constant benefit to both the owner and the users of the warehouse space. Protect your inventory by investing in a warehouse that will benefit you for decades to come

Our Services

Within our larger construction services, here are some of the detailed materials and services with which we have the most experience. Each project is different, and we know that Salt Lake City construction can necessitate a variety of materials for both aesthetic and practical purposes. That's why we work in several different materials and offer different services for your construction project: to meet every need our customers have.


Suited for the cold climate in Salt Lake City, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) mimic plaster with synthetic materials made to insulate and protect your walls. EIFS promotes energy-efficient projects for both residential and commercial use and can be incredibly flexible when it comes to design-build for Utah construction.

Thin Brick

For projects that want the brick wall look without the weight or construction concerns that using a full brick entails, thin brick is the perfect exterior alternative. Thin brick looks like the traditional brick exterior while remaining flexible and adjustable to individualized designs. As one of the top companies in residential and commercial projects, we're very familiar with thin brick and how to utilize it professionally.

Limestone Plaster
& Pre-Cast

To prepare your internal walls for painting, we utilize limestone plaster, which is a method of preparation for internal walls that's been used by contractors and construction companies for centuries - so long before there were contractors or construction companies. Limestone plaster is a reliable way to prepare the inside of your building to look as appealing as the outside.


Also called cladding, siding protects the exterior of your house and allows for a finished look. Primarily, the word siding brings to mind the image of wood planks across a house in a residential neighborhood, but siding can pertain to certain materials more commonly used in the commercial industry, too.


Especially for our projects that are supposed to inspire awe and appreciation, stone is an excellent choice for an outer protective layer on your build design. Stone gives you an elegant option and is relatively easy to upkeep, since it doesn't need a new coat of paint or replaced boards as often as other types of exterior material. Stone lasts, and that's why it's a great choice for larger construction builds.


Similar in appearance to EIFS, stucco is the natural version of the EIFS synthetic approach. Stucco is used in commercial and residential projects and is a mixture of Portland cement, sand, and lime. It's a finish coat that seals your exterior and leads to a smooth finish. Resistant to many natural disasters, stucco is a reliable and safe choice for your project

Wood Timber

As a natural, renewable, sustainable alternative, wood timber is a great finish for the exterior of your building. Particularly when you use a wood timber that's been treated and perfected so that it will last for a long time when exposed to the elements, this alternative to manmade products is a choice many individuals are making so their building can have a positive impact on the world around them. Nicolson Construction would be happy to talk to you about the benefits of a wood timber finish, from the warm, cozy aesthetic it creates to the positive effect it has on the environment.

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